Low cost Final NSAI Airtightness Tests

It is now mandatory to carry out an Airtightness Test for all new buildings to comply to the 2019 Building Regulations. The test must be carried out by NSAI or INAB accredited Testers since no other testing organisation satisfies the requirements set out by the DECLG and the SEAI (Part L 1.5.4 & L3).

All new builds should be constructed to a minimum air permeability of 5m³/hr/m² at 50 Pa. However, this is only a backstop value and it is better to achieve a value closer to 3m³/hr/m² at 50 Pa.The airtightness test must be carried out in accordance to EN ISO 9972:2015 - Thermal Performance of Buildings – Fan Pressurization Method B.

It is advisable to carry out a quality assurance test when the air barrier is complete and not covered up. This allows for leaks to be identified and sealed with minimum disruption. 

We are NSAI certified Air Tightness Testers and have been trained in air barrier installation. 

Our results are valid and can be used in DEAP/NEAP calculation reports and BER certificates to provide proof of Part L compliance.

We will seal up unwanted leaks during the test and help you reach a better air tightness level. We even use a Thermal Imaging Camera to highlight heat loss in the building envelope.

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