DEAP Compliance Check

A higher level of detail is now required when building your dream home to the current 2019 NZEB Building Standards. It is important to specify exactly what is required from the start by carrying out a DEAP Compliance Check. This also eliminates any ambiguity when hiring a contractor as everyone is in total agreement as to what is involved from the outset. 

It is important that the Builder fully understands the extra work that is now involved in building an A3-rated home.

The energy performance levels of each of the following items must be carefully considered;

           Orientation:          Fabric Insulation:            Windows & Doors:            Airtightness:        Thermal Bridging:    

                    Ventilation System:            Heating System & Efficiency:         Controls:           Renewable Energy:  


Building Control now insist that DEAP calculations are included with the commencement notice to ensure the building design is compliant with building regulations.

The Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) and Carbon Performance Coefficient (CPC) which is calculated using DEAP, must not exceed their maximum permitted values.The homeowner and designer must be aware of this level of detail at commencement notice stage.


Building Specifications  

ABUILD assist the construction team (Architects, Developers, Builders & Self Builders) to comply with Part L and beyond.

We can produce Building Specifications based on the above items that ensures compliance with the Regulations. The sooner we are notified the better, so that the homeowner can avoid expensive variations during or after construction.


New Build Services

Our New Build Services are based on the new Part L Building Regulations using passive house standards.

We offer energy efficient services and support the construction team during the works. We offer free consultation on any measure that helps achieve the more challenging A2 rating to ensure compliance with current Part L regulations.                                                                     

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