"  I needed an NSAI certified airtightness tester to test  a Passive House in Boyle, Co. Roscommon. I needed a Q50 result for Part L compliance and an N50 for Passive House certification. ABUILD promptly carried out the test which resulted in a Q50 of 0.28 m3/hr/m2@50Pa for Part L and an N50 of 0.23 ACH @50Pa for Passive House certification. The result was well below the Part L NZEB level of 5m3/hr/m2@50Pa and the passive house standard of 0.6ACH@50Pa."          ----  Roman Szypura,  ClĂ­oma House ltd, Sligo (featured in the Passive House Plus magazine)

" We needed to upgrade our house plans in compliance with Parts  L  and F of the new Building Regulations 2019.
We emailed our preliminary plans to ABUILD and they carried out a DEAP compliance check. They advised us on the most cost effective solutions and recommended different types of heating systems and renewable technologies.
We are happy with the final design and look forward to living in an A-rated energy efficient home which is in compliance with the Building Regulations. "
       ---  Christine Mullan-Jensen, homeowner,  Skerries, Co. Dublin

" We contacted ABUILD to carry out an Airtightness Test on short notice. We needed an NSAI airtight report for Part L compliance and the result used in the Final BER certificate. The test was carried out with minimal disruption to other workers and the NSAI report was received the following day. I have no hesitation in using them again. "   
         --  James Cox, Cox Construction, Co. Kildare

" We  used ABUILD to update the house drawings in compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. The new design was practical with regards to insulation, heating and renewable energy contribution. The owner made small changes during construction which was checked by ABUILD to ensure  Part L compliance. When the house was near completion, ABUILD carried out an NSAI Airtight Test and a Final BER survey.
The house achieved an A3 rating and is compliant with Part L 2011 of the Building Regulations."  
        --  John Mc Cay Architects, Co. Donegal 

"We emailed our preliminary plans to ABUILD and they promptly carried out a DEAP Compliance Check. They made several changes to the building fabric and recommended heating system variations to allow for compliance. They also produced a Part L Building Specification which we are currently working to. We have just started on the foundations, but if we work to the specifications we are confident in achieving Part L compliance. We should also achieve an A3 Building Energy Rating. "           ---  Geraldine Thorpe, Donegal